About Us

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Mission Statement

To achieve results and exceed the goals of our clients. It is our mission to create innovative strategies to sell and purchase real estate properties for our clients. We are dedicated to identifying and developing creative opportunities to generate excellent results, properties, and sales for our clients, exceeding their real estate needs and expectations.

Company Profile

VS Realty & Loans, Inc. was formerly known as ST Real Estate and Financial Services Inc. located in the Grand Century Mall on Story Road in San Jose. In the past, ST Real Estate and Financial Services Inc. was the only real estate brokerage allowed to operate in the mall. The company was proud and was prideful in the tremendous opportunity. Within a short couple of years, ST Real Estate and Financial Services Inc. was a well-known real estate brokerage in the Santa Clara County by clients and other brokerage companies due to its tremendous success. The small real estate company that started with 5 agents rapidly grew to a firm that had over 80 agents.

Due to the endeavor strive to provide “The Best Service” in real estate to the Bay Area community and the rapid growth of the brokerage, ST Real Estate and Financial Services Inc. saw the need to relocate to another venue that would be able to accommodate the growth. During that time of soughing out a new location and with new business opportunities and projects being anticipated, ST Real Estate & Financial Services Inc. decided to make a bold move in creating and branding two new companies called “VS Realty & Loans, Inc.” and “VS Financial Services Inc.”.

Both brokerages are still prosperously serving the Bay Area’s real estate needs. VS Realty & Loans, Inc. operates and serves real estate purchases, sales, and investments to its clients. The sister company, VS Financial Services Inc. helps its clients acquire loans and refinances. The VS team is a one place in house shop for all your real estate needs. For more in depth information in our different types of services, please navigate around in our extensive website for your real estate needs