VS Investment Properties, LLC

Now is the time to build up your real estate investment portfolio. VS Investment Properties, LLC (“VSIP”) has helped novice and experienced investors find the right investments and real estate properties. We can help you navigate your way through to successful real estate investments and obtaining the rate of return you are looking for!

Real estate investment can become very complicated and difficult, due to the uncertainty and fluctuating real estate market. It is important for the real estate investor to find a realtor/firm and partner to navigate you through the real estate investment process to success.

VS Investment Properties, LLC. is the branch of VS that specializes and focuses on helping investors obtain real estate investments. The VSIP Team consists of real estate professionals, who are experts in real estate transactions and investment – we are ready to help you find your perfect investment opportunity.

VSIP has many different types of investment projects that will cater to your needs and exceed your expectations. From short-term smaller-scale to longer-term multi-million dollar projects, VSIP has what you are looking for. We at VSIP understand your concerns and needs regarding real estate investment, and we are here to answer all your questions.

EB-5 Investments:

VS has many programs for EB-5 investments, in which all EB-5 investors must invest in a new commercial enterprise. If you are interested in an EB-5 investment, please find more information here: www.vsinvestment.com/eb5.htm

Non-EB-5 Investments:

Non EB-5 investments are designed for both domestic and international investors. The difference between the EB-5 and the non-EB-5 investments is that non-EB-5 investors can invest just for the purpose for a return on their investment with no VISA intentions.  The funds that you invest with us can be used to obtain real estate investments through foreclosure sales, trustee sales, REO sales, flipping properties, and commercial and residential development programs.

VSIP has excellent ties and relationships with banks and other sources to acquire limited and exclusive investment opportunities, which are not available to other investors other than VSIP’s clients. Further, VSIP has dedicated professionals to research and purchase real estate properties for maximum revenue gains. After acquisition from REO sales and Trustee sales, VSIP has the specialist teams to rehabilitate the newly acquired investment property. Our team of professional agents will sell the investment property at the highest market value to maximize investment gains.

If you have questions regarding which investment strategy is right for you, please contact us or visit us at our office for more information and to see our investment portfolio.

We have many different types of investment projects and opportunities to cater your real estate investment needs.  We will exceed your expectations. Contact us today!